Our Process

First Mergers will professionally package your business to demonstrate to the buyer the value of the company both in terms of the company’s current profitability and its future earnings and growth potential.

First Mergers has the experience and analytical capabilities necessary to evaluate your company.  First Mergers has developed proprietary valuation models to ensure the value of your company is unlocked.

First Mergers has the financial sophistication and marketing expertise to pinpoint and promote your company.

First Mergers has a proprietary buyer database–we leverage our past successes and buyer relationships to ensure your client gets the attention it deserves from the decision makers.

The First Merger’s process is designed to generate and maintain deal momentum while capturing all parties with credible interest.  We help our client analyze competing offers, structure them, and negotiate them.

First Mergers skillful orchestration of the negotiation process elicits the best price, terms and structure possible. This includes analyzing interest not just on valuation and deal structure, but also on considering the probabilities of closing and long-term objectives of our client.