“From my experience one of the hidden advantages of engaging Michael Price is his ability to take the pressure off you and your organization in negotiations and defraying the emotional challenges that may be thrown into the process either by accident or on purpose that can derail a transaction. In the three transactions where he represented us we were able to concentrate our focus on the business while he worked the day-to-day negotiations.

He is great at putting together win-win solutions that keeps all parties engaged and committed to a successful outcome. In our last transaction, Michael more than earned his fee by negotiating an extra $1.0 million in the deal just prior to closing.

Deals are best made on rising tides… Not falling ones…

Timing and having an intermediary in the middle of your deal are critical elements to deal success.”

Bill Dillard

“Have worked with Michael on two Business Sale transactions for me personally along with recommending him to a number Friends and Associates. Outstanding results from all sources. He is masterful at communicating the value of your transaction to a potential buyer and looks out for your interests at all times. He will walk away if he thinks a deal is not in your best interest. Exceptional Integrity!” May 16, 2009

Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative

William Dillard, President MSI

“I’m 64 years old, and I’ve worked at my company for 36 of those 64 years. The process of selling the company was an emotional roller coaster for me. For us, Michael Price was the in-between person who kept the emotions out of the transaction, so both sides could act in an objective, businesslike manner.

What impressed me is that Michael was, throughout this process, a man of his word. When he said he would do something by a certain date, he did it. When it came time to pay his fee, I felt it was very reasonable, considering the services he provided.
Alan Barnes, President
Aircond Corporation

“If you were like me, you felt very strongly that you could still compete with the new consolidators. But I still felt that I had nothing to lose to at least check it out. I’m glad I did. I’m also glad that I hired Michael Price, with First Mergers Group, to assist me. Michael was very knowledgeable with the process, and was able to protect my interests. My advice to any HVAC contractor would be to go through the process, and use First Mergers Group as your representative.”
– K.M.

“What Michael Price provided was the ability to look through the windshield, so to speak, so we could see what was coming in the process. A major value I received was help in widening my view of the acquisition process. We did not know the ropes in a deal like this: what to expect; the types of questions we should ask; the types of conversations that would take place. Michael had knowledge of the buyer’s perspective that was essential. He did an excellent job looking at our company and seeing how well we matched up with exactly what the buyer was looking for.

I spoke frequently to Michael over the period during which we were negotiating and finalizing the deal – probably just about every day for six months. He was my advocate. When questions came up, and I really didn’t know how to handle something, he was there to provide the knowledge that I wouldn’t have had any other way.”
Alan Barnes,  President
Aircond Corporation

“With all the consolidation in the HVAC industry, some companies think they don’t need assistance since they already know who the buyers are. However, this can be a mistake. The real work doesn’t get started until after you meet with a potential buyer. In my case, First Mergers Group’s assistance was worth far more than the fee. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to have First Mergers Group assist me again.”
– Hans Luquire
Air Conditioning by Luquire, Montgomery, AL