Seller Services

First Mergers is a leading mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting firm assisting middle market business owners in evaluating divestiture strategies, liquidity options and industry consolidation. First Mergers has completed over 100 transactions with a total deal value in excess of $3.95 billion.

Our mission is to assist privately held businesses “unlock the value” through our proprietary M&A program.

Founded in 1996 by Michael A. Price, First Mergers works with U.S. middle market companies (revenues of $25 million – $250 million). First Mergers principals include MBAs, CPAs, CVAs, and M&A professionals.

An independent middle market mergers and acquisitions consulting firm, First Mergers Group has a proven track record of producing superior results for clients. First Mergers Group serves as the deal quarterback. Further, our experience as a buyer’s and seller’s representative allows us to leverage our position with the purchaser.

Our Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Services include:

  • Financial marketplace evaluations and assessments. First Mergers Group provides a non-biased perspective of the marketplace value of a business and will help a business owner understand underlining value drivers.
  • Preparation of an offering memorandum. First Mergers Group will professionally package your business to demonstrate to the buyer the value of the company both in terms of the company’s current profitability and its future earnings and growth potential.
  • Identifying and ranking of buyers. On behalf of our clients, First Mergers Group tracks the acquisition criteria of hundreds of potential buyers including public and private companies, consolidators and equity investors. New potential buyers reveal their presence to First Mergers Group months prior to other industry information sources. Equally important, First Mergers Group does not hold a public auction.
    We endeavor to minimize the possibility of unauthorized leaks by carefully researching the various buyers and their motivations and targeting only qualified buyers prior to providing them with an offering memorandum.
  • Financial Preparation. A proven formula to present your company in the best possible light and assist our clients in receiving the best business valuation. Our proprietary valuation model is based on past, current and projected buying activity to ensure our clients receive the most favorable price and terms for their company.
  • Confidentiality. Businesses are disrupted when employees, customers or suppliers hear rumors of a potential sale. Premature disclosure of a proposed sale can cause a variety of problems, such as personal or business embarrassment or damage to the company’s operations. It can even place a sale at risk. As your intermediary, First Mergers Group can ensure strict confidentiality is maintained.
  • Mid-market commitment. Commitment and dedication to serving mid-sized clients and providing a high level of specialized expertise in selling their businesses. We do not chase the big deals. Although these deals capture the headlines, the greatest number of transactions involve companies in the $25 to $250 million range. We concentrate on this marketplace with an emphasis on select industry sectors.
  • Facilitator Role. First Mergers Group keeps the acquisition process moving forward with prospective buyers. We find ourselves in a better position to do this than the owner, because an owner who appears over-eager can compromise his negotiating position. More importantly, we “quarterback” the sale and allow the owner to focus on maintaining the continuity of the business.
  • Incentive-based M&A consulting. First Mergers operates under a professional structure that reflects our commitment to the owner we are representing. Our corporate policies and our fee arrangement are designed to ensure that the seller is properly represented and to provide incentives for maximizing the company’s sale price.